Where am I, I don’t know, I’ll never know, in the silence you don’t know, you’ll never know, you must go on, I can’t go on, I’ll go on. -S. Beckett

Why hello there, thanks for visiting my blog. I write about mental illness, disability, and other related things.

My name is Brooke. I have a Master’s degree in women and gender studies from San Francisco State University, with emphases in feminist disability studies and queercrip de/anti-colonial theories. Ah, yes, the fancy and delicious language of critical theory has lured me. My B.A. is in creative nonfiction writing from The University of Arizona. Cultural activism is where it’s at: I’ve worked intimately with revolutionary organizations like Sins Invalid (SF Bay Area disability justice performance project), Read Between the Bars (Tucson’s free books-to-prisoners project), and Kore Press (local feminist press).

Photo on 2-20-13 at 2.26 PM #2

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“For you writing is an archetypal journey home to the self, un proceso de crear puentes (bridges) to the next phase, next place, next culture, next reality. The thrust toward spiritual realization, health, freedom, and justice propels you to help rebuild the bridge to the world when you return ‘home.’ You realize that ‘home’ is that bridge, the in-between place of nepantla and constant transition, the most unsafe of all space. You remove the old bridge from your back, and though afraid, allow diverse groups to collectively rebuild it, to buttress it with new steel plates, girders, cable bracing, and trusses. You distend this more inclusive puente to unknown corners–you don’t build bridges to safe and familiar territories, you have to risk making mundo nuevo, have to risk the uncertainty of change. And nepantla is the only space where change happens. Change requires more than words on a page–it takes perseverance, creative ingenuity, and acts of love.”

–La Gloria Anzaldúa


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