It’s (Not) Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

So this morning I woke up to drive my partner to work at The University of Arizona.  On the way home driving southbound on Euclid from 6th Street, 92.9 The Mountain graciously played Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” which ironically isn’t so ironic.  I blasted it nonetheless and sang along thinking the lyrics should actually be something like:

It’s like raaaaaiiiiiinnnn on your wedding day … Isn’t that just shiiiitttyyy…

Cuz that’s all it is, it’s perhaps a shitty coincidence if you don’t want it to rain on your wedding day, or if you have ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife–as The Oatmeal so fabulously delineates for us in The Three Most Common Uses of Irony.

I’m not even gonna look up proper definitions of irony, except for what The Oatmeal says.  To me, this is irony: when the “outcome” of a given situation or event–a happening–is perhaps paradoxical, wherein the outcome becomes antithetical to the intention or plan behind said event.

The Oatmeal breaks this down as a “reversal”: “Situational irony is when something happens and a reversal of expectations occurs.”  This “reversal” of expectations, however, is conceptual–and that’s important.  It’s the conceptual reversal, a collision of opposing ideas coming together to actually make the substance and/or meaning of a happening.

It is simply a coincidence when it rains on your wedding day.



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